Wednesday, July 15, 2020

Kllo - Still Here - Thumper Remix

The 2nd of two new remixes released tonight,  Kllo - Still Here - Thumper Remix 

Lady Gaga & Ariana Grande - Rain On Me - Thumper Remix

One of two new remix releases from Thumper... Lady Gaga & Ariana Grande - Rain On Me - Thumper Remix

Saturday, June 27, 2020

X-Men ( The Arcade Game ) and Bleed2 Playthrough Videos available on TheGameScape.Net

This week on I've uploaded two complete playthroughs of two of my favorite games. The first is the 1992 X-Men arcade game, played on PC with Retroarch. 

The 2nd video is one of my favorite MegaMan-like games, it's a run-n-gun platformer that is short and sweet and perfect for my ADHD called Bleed 2

Thursday, June 18, 2020

Thumper Sessions - Kllo "Still Here" - Remix

Here is a look at what it takes to make the "Thumper" sound to be so distinct.

We get into layering and tuning our drums to make them pop...

Panning synth lines so they slide from speaker to speaker...

Using a noise gate to side-chain deep sub-kicks for just the right amount of impact

and so much more...

Friday, May 8, 2020

NOIIZ - PROJECT UNITY - Featuring samples from Jamie Starr

I was able to be apart of this fundraiser sample pack Noiiz created. While I think our current situation's blame partly falls on The W.H.O, this is a lot of samples for a low price and honestly, it's cheap enough that it shouldn't matter. Here is a bit of the info from the Noiiz site... you can also check out the video below of me making some tracks out of loops I contributed to the pack... This HUGE sample pack has been created by the generosity of our creators, partners and community and 100% of proceeds go directly to charity. It’s one of the most inspiring packs we have ever produced. Support the project Choose your donation amount, starting at $5 ❤️ 100% of the amount you donate goes directly to the COVID-19 Solidarity Response Fund for the World Health Organisation Download the pack and start making music!

Tuesday, May 5, 2020

Madeon - Be Fine ( Thumper Remix )

I've been working on... well, procrastinating on finishing this remix for awhile. Mostly because after the 1st session, I was so pleased with the direction it was heading, I thought I could only screw it up from there.  However, after sitting on it for a bit, I finally finished it up.
This also marks the first release I'm putting out under the Alias THUMPER
which will be the name I use for all of my neon sounding EDM pop stuff...
-Jamie Starr

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